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Job Openings

Position : Watchman
No. of Available Positions: 3
POEA Registration/Accreditation No.:: 10188953
Country : Qatar
Date Posted : Jun 20, 2017
Minimum Education : High School Diploma
Requirements Gender: Any     Age: 25 to 40
Where to Apply:   Manila | Cebu | Davao
Job Details :

  1. Ensure security within the vicinity of the accommodation.
  2. Inspect incoming visitors and log information details in a log book provided for that purpose.
  3. In case visitors are carrying firearms, respectfully request them to deposit the same, require a valid ID to be deposited with the firearm, issue a visitor’s ID/tag, and release deposited firearm and ID upon visitor’s request to go out of the area.
  4. Periodically rove around to check security status in various areas of the accommodation vicinity.
  5. Report any untoward incident found / irregularities to any of the Managers, Supervisors, or designated personnel.
  6. Countercheck any unplugged electrical peripherals after office hours, log observations, and prepare reports for submission to his direct Manager the next day.
  7. In cases of emergency, call/inform any of the Managers immediately to report the incident.

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